Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How Rocky Balboa Ended The Cold War

The funny people at College Humor have just put out a great five minute documentary spoof on how Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War and it is a must see.  It is done in the current ESPN 30 for 30 documentary style and it really works.  So check it out and remember, everybody can change.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Ultimate Force Awakens Trailer

The awesome people over at Science vs. Cinema have taken all the existing The Force Awakens footage and put it together to make the ultimate movie trailer.  This trailer includes the three domestic trailers, the Comic-Con BTS reel, the new TV spot and the international trailer.

December 18th can't get here fast enough.  Actually December 17th for those of us who are going to the Thursday night showing.

Friday, November 6, 2015

International The Force Awakens Trailer Features New Footage

The Force Awakens international trailer is here and it features new footage! Needless to say, this is a must see!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Force Awakens Trailer With More Luke Skywalker

Cinesaurus has put Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens trailer for all those who complained about him not being in it.  You have to check this out, it is hilarious.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Movie Review: Knock Knock (2015)

It had been eight years since Eli Roth directed a movie and this year we got not just one movie from him, but two.  A month ago we got the cannibal movie The Green Inferno (review here) and now we get Knock Knock.  Knock Knock tells the story of a husband and father who is alone for the weekend to catch up on work while his wife and kids are away at the beach.  His first night alone, two stranded young women show up at his doorstep looking for help.  What starts off as a kind gesture turns into seduction and then vicious game of mayhem.

Knock Knock is a remake of the movie Death Game (1977) which I have not seen; so I do not know how faithful it is that movie.  On its own, Knock Knock is an enjoyable movie that has some solid moments.  It is interesting to watch Keanu Reeves in this film because he doesn't usually play a character like this.  I'm so used to seeing Reeves play the hero or the tough guy, that it felt odd to see him play a character that is not only morally irresponsible, but also weak.  Reeves has never been a good actor, but he does the best job he can in this movie.  The strength of Knock Knock comes from the two female villains played by Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas.  Not only are they incredibly gorgeous in the movie, their chemistry together is really good.  As they torment this man whose life they changed forever, it really feels like they are enjoying every minute of it. 

The movie does has it flaws though.  It seems to give the message that every husband out there would cheat on their wives in similar circumstances because we are nothing but animals and that is just a ridiculous message to portray.  Also, there are numerous times in the movie that Reeves character could have gotten the upper hand on the girls but doesn't.  At one point in the movie I'm yelling at the screen, "JUST THROW A LEFT HOOK!".  I have a couple other complaints, but their are pretty minor.

Knock Knock is in select theaters and available on Video On Demand.  I have to mention that it is great to have Eli Roth back behind the camera because I dig his style of movies.  I just wish he'd finally give us the Thanksgiving movie we have been waiting for since 2007.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Movie Review: Tales of Halloween

Tales of Halloween is a horror movie that is currently in select theaters across the country and available via Video On Demand.  The film is a horror anthology that consists of 10 interlocking segments.  Tales of Halloween tries to achieve two major goals and those are becoming a must watch movie for the Halloween season and to follow in the tradition of horror anthology movies like Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside.   While the movie does have some enjoyable moments, overall it is a disappointment.  

I think the biggest issue this movie has is that there are too many segments.  The entire movie is an hour and a half long which makes each segment roughly 11-12 minutes.  In my opinion, 11-12 minute segments are just too short to be done effectively.  This for a movie, not something you are just going to post on YouTube.  I'd much rather them take a handful of the stronger stories and work with those than what they did here.

If you want a breakdown of each segments plot, check out their Wikipedia page, I'm just going to focus on the few I liked:

The Ransom of Rusty Rex

It is Halloween night and a father (John Landis) sends his son out to go trick or treating.  His son is kidnapped by two guys hoping to ransom the boy for money.  This backfires when it turns out the boy is actually a demon who attaches himself to people and won't leave them alone until he wants to.  There is some good laughs in this one.

Bad Seed

It is Halloween night and a man carves his pumpkin only to have it eat him.  The pumpkin then goes throughout the neighborhood eating the people it can catch.  A detective on the case discovers this is a special organic pumpkin and she realizes she must stop this killer pumpkin and discover if there are more of them out there.  This is another one with some good laughs in it.  The pumpkin eating people is pretty funny.

Friday the 31st

Again, it is Halloween night a mutated serial killer that looks like Jason Voorhees with his mask on is killing people he finds on the street only to be interrupted by an alien spaceship.  From the spaceship comes a cute little alien who wants to trick or treat, but the killer doesn't have any candy to give him.  Immediately the killer goes from the hunter to the hunted.  This one was enjoyable for the little alien creature who is adorable.

In the end, Tales of Halloween will not become the Halloween season must watch film it hopes to be.  If it ends up on Netflix, check it out if you have nothing else to do, but if it is Halloween season, watch the Halloween movies or Trick r' Treat.


Jar Jar Binks Takes Over The Force Awakens Trailer

Murdock Motion has changed the new The Force Awakens trailer by adding a ton of Jar Jar Binks and it is hilarious.  It even has a cameo by George Lucas.  You have to see this.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Extended The Force Awakens Trailer

Here is something pretty cool, a gentleman named Shawn Cauthren has taken almost all released The Force Awakens footage and put it together for one extra long TFA movie trailer.  

It's pretty cool, check it out.  Less than two months to go.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jar Jar Binks Is In The Force Awakens???

Twitter user Olly Gibbs has given all Star Wars fans over 13 years old a major fright.  He revised The Force Awakens poster George Lucas style with Jar Jar Binks!  Jar Jar here...Jar Jar there...Jar Jar everywhere!  So thank your lucky stars JJ Abrams has taken over the Star Wars franchise and George Lucas will be a viewer just like the rest of us.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Trailer Review: The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens trailer is finally here and the internet has exploded.  Fandango was actually broken for 2+ hours due to the traffic from people trying to buy tickets.  It is obvious from the world's reaction that this is the Kim Kardashian's ass of movie trailers.  As for the trailer, it was as good as all of us Star Wars geeks hoped it would be.  There was plenty of the new characters and a bit of the classic characters.  The special effects look great and the action scenes look like they will be really fun.  The only negative from the trailer being released is that we will not get one more new scene from the movie before it comes out on December 18th.  All future TV commercials will include scenes that have been released up to this point and that is it.  That means that now have to wait until December 18th which is two months away and that will drive me crazy.

Movie Review: The Green Inferno

Back in the late 1970's/early 1980's cannibal movies from Italy became really popular among horror fans.  The most famous of them all is Cannibal Holocaust which is considered the greatest of the genre.  I have watched a couple cannibal movies over the years and the cannibal plot never connected with me.  When director Eli Roth decided he wanted to bring back the cannibal movie, I became intrigued.  I loved Eli Roth's Hostel and have enjoyed other films he has done or been apart of.  I even decided to finally watch Cannibal Holocaust, which was better than expected, but nothing I'd watch more than once. 

The Green Inferno took some time getting to the big screen and after a couple delays it was unleashed this past September.  A quick plot description would be:  A group of college students go down to the Amazon to save the rain forest and before they know it, they are captured by a tribe of cannibals.  While the movie has an underlying message about the current state of activism by today's youth, the reality is I only care about the thrills, gore and whether I liked it or not.

I have found it interesting that this movie received such mixed reviews from horror fans.  What I have discovered is the reasons I like this movie is the same reason some horror fans do not.  To start, The Green Inferno is not as gory as anticipated.  I was expecting this movie to push gore boundaries and to be the goriest movie I had ever seen, but it wasn't at all.  Don't get me wrong, there are some gross scenes to watch, but I would say the Saw movies and even Roth's Hostel were gorier than this.  Also, the movie doesn't feel like a horror movie, it actually feels more like an action film.  I would say this is more of an escape story than a cannibal story.  Finally, I really enjoyed the fact that Roth used a real Peruvian tribe to play the cannibals.  The people of this tribe had never even seen a movie before and Eli still got some great performances from them that made the movie really work.

So, while some horror fans may not feel The Green Inferno is worthy to the cannibal genre, I would argue the movie is actually an action film that just happens to have cannibals in it.  It also has some great action, disgusting gore and it looks really good because it was shot on location in the Amazon.  It is my opinion that The Green Inferno was worth the wait.



Changing It Again

I see the confused look on your face Keanu.  I have decided not to go political with my blog after all.  Why focus on the shit that angers me like Tea Baggers, idiotic Republicans, bigots and so on; when I can focus on the things that make me happy?  It just sucks that I've deleted all that I had written in the past.  Oh well, it begins...again.