Friday, July 29, 2016

New Movies Friday: 7.29.16

Another summer weekend, another summer sequel.  I have no idea if it is, but it sure feels like this summer has had more sequels than any other summer ever.  While Star Trek Beyond opened with a solid 59 million last weekend, Ice Age 5 opened softly with 22 million.  Is sequel fatigue starting to occur?

This weekend, after nine years away, Matt Damon returns to the Bourne franchise with Jason Bourne.  The Bourne movies have all been hit films, but none of them have been huge blockbusters.  The Matt Damon led Bourne movies have averaged 175 million domestically and I think this latest film should consider that its domestic max.  A check over at Rotten Tomatoes shows that Jason Bourne is the worst reviewed of the series with a 54% fresh rating.  That may not help with the movies longevity at the box-office, but the fans will still show up this weekend.  Look for Jason Bourne to pull in around 55 million this weekend.

Next up is the R-rated comedy Bad Moms which looks to capture the same audience that loved movies like Trainwreck, Spy and Bad Teacher.  All three of those movies opened in the 30 million range, so Bad Moms should do about the same.  The movie is pulling in so-so reviews with a 59% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes, but I don't think this movies audience will care about that.  Look for Bad Moms to pull in 28-30 million this weekend.

The final new release is the teen action flick Nerve.  I don't have any thoughts on this one.  Uh...around 10 million this weekend.

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