Friday, September 9, 2016

New Movies Friday: 9.9.16

This past Labor Day weekend officially ended the summer movie season and now it is time to start getting the movies that hope to be recognized this upcoming award season.  To start this off, Academy Award winners Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks team up to bring the true story of Captain Sully who landed a plane on the Hudson River and saved the lives of everyone on the plane.  Sully is pulling in solid reviews with an 81% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes and after a month of comic book movies and horror films, people are ready for a good emotional drama.  Look for Sully to pull in 28-32 million this weekend.

For the last two years, the African American market has been successfully targeted with two thrillers that star mostly African American casts.  2014's No Good Deed and 2015's The Perfect Guy both opened to 25 million and became nice profitable hits.  This year When the Bough Breaks hopes to follow that same pattern.  The only thing hurting the chances of this thriller hitting these same numbers is the huge success of horror film Don't Breathe the last two weeks.  It may be a bit too soon for a movie like this as the thriller/horror audience has been recently satisfied.  The studio knows that reviews for this movie are going to be horrible, so they haven't let critics see it yet, which is why it currently has no Rotten Tomatoes rating.  Look for When the Bough Breaks to pull in around 20 million this weekend.

The final film opening this weekend is the animated film, The Wild Life which tells the story of Robinson Crusoe from the animals point-of-view.  The movie is getting piss poor reviews with a 18% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes and the film has no hype going for it.  The lack of hype makes sense as we have had a summer filled with animated movies.  I think even kids need a break right now.  Look for The Wild Life to pull in 4-5 million dollars.  

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