Friday, October 14, 2016

Corey Feldman Performs on the Today Show Again!!!

I can't believe I missed this, but our good buddy Corey Feldman was on the Today Show again yesterday and he performed!  If you remember, Corey performed in September on the Today Show and it was so bad, it went viral.  Here he is back at it again, but this time he is doing a "serious" song and trying to redeem his past performance.  I will say, at least this time, there is no horrible dancing, but dear lord, this is one shitty song.  You can tell he is attempting to try to hit the Michael Jackson emotion of Man in the Mirror and Earth Song, but he just doesn't have the voice for it and this song sucks donkey balls.  It was a good try though.  I do have to wonder, what the heck is up with this stupid hood thing he keeps wearing?  It is almost as dumb as this song.

Anyways, watch the video and enjoy Corey doing his "best".

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