Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Weekend Box-Office

While there a numerous new movies being released this Christmas weekend, you can expect Rogue One to once again dominate the box-office.  Last weekend, Rogue One had the third biggest opening of 2016 with a 155 million.  It has since since pulled in a ton of money each day this week as well because word-of-mouth is strong with this one.  Last year, The Force Awakens dropped only 40% its second weekend and I expect Rogue One to fall a bit more than that.  Look for around a 45% drop this weekend and for Rogue One to pull in around 80-85 million this Christmas weekend.

So, what are some of the new movies opening this weekend?  It starts with the animated Sing which is pulling in a 71% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.  It has been a month since Disney's Moana came out, so kids need something to watch this weekend if Rogue One is too scary for them.  Look for Sing to pull in around 45 million this weekend.

The other major releases this weekend are Assassin's Creed (20% fresh), Passengers (32% fresh) and Why Him? (42% fresh) which are all getting horrible reviews.  Why would anyone want to see those movies when you can seen Rogue One for a first, second or third time?  Get your priorities straight! 

Happy Festivus!
Happy Christmas!

Go see Rogue One.

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