Friday, December 16, 2016

Music Review: Kings of Leon - Walls

A little background on my relationship with Kings of Leon.  I discovered them back before they had any success.  Back in 2003 when their debut album came out, I stumbled across it and really liked their southern style of rock.  I even saw them play in Los Angeles back when they were still playing small venues.  I was really happy that KOL found so much success as I felt their music warranted it.  However, like with many bands who find success, that success can change a band and that is what happened with KOL.  Don't get me wrong, I have liked every album they have put out, but they have lost a bit of their edge due to commercial success.

Walls is really a continuation of their last couple albums; some good songs, some mediocre songs and all of it over over-produced.  Early KOL albums had a much more raw feel to them and now they are way to polished.  That said, there are some very good songs on this album.  For example, I really dig Waste a Moment, Reverend and Walls - all damn good songs.  The album starts off great with its first four songs, the next several songs are average and then it ends with a good song.  While Walls doesn't live up to their first few albums, it has enough good songs to keep me listening to it.



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