Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Music Review: Rooney - Washed Away

One genre of rock music I love is power pop.  From The Beatles to The Raspberries to The Cars to Weezer, I love it.  Rooney fits in this category with their British Invasion style of rock that is catchy as hell.  Rooney's lead singer is Robert Schwartzman who is actress Talia Shire's son and actor Jason Schwartzman's brother.  I became a fan of Rooney when I heard their first single, I'm Shakin', back in 2003 and I've been a fan ever since.  Schwartzman ended the band back in 2011 to do some solo stuff that was a different style of music, but he reformed the band in 2016 with new members and released this new album.  I will admit, I was a bit pissed that he didn't reunite the original band as I am a huge fan of Rooney guitarist Taylor Locke, but I got over it.

New members or not, Rooney's Washed Away follows in the tradition of their earlier work.  The songs are super catchy with nice hooks and great melodies.  The first half of the album is especially strong and while the second half of the album is not as good, it is still enjoyable.  I am really diggin' the songs All the Beautiful People, My Heart Beats 4 U and Washed Away which are all great examples of power pop.  There is no doubt that Robert Schwartzman can write a song that gets stuck in your head and this album is filled with them.  It is great to have Rooney back. 


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