Thursday, January 12, 2017

Music Review: Eric Hutchinson - Easy Street

Eric Hutchinson is a pop singer/songwriter who really should be a lot bigger than he is.  He writes catchy pop songs, has a great voice and is very talented.  Perhaps the fact that he can write his own songs, plays instruments, can sing (without auto-tune) and produces his own album is a reason that people don't give him a chance.  Whatever the case may be, Easy Street is Hutchinson's fourth solid solo album and you should give it a listen.

Easy Street continues with Hutchinson's pop fused soul music that is very positive in not just style, but lyrically as well.  The songs on this album, like all his albums, feels very upbeat in style and substance.  Each song features melodies and choruses that hit the spot.  While I do like the album, I feel this is his weakest album of the four he has released.  While all the songs on the album are good, this album lacks the handful of great songs he usually has on his albums.  I also don't like the fact that this album only has eight new songs and then two remixes of songs from this album.  Those remixed songs are filler and I have no interest in that.  Put two more new songs on the album for goodness sakes!  Complaints aside, songs that I really like include Dear Me, Anyone Who Knows Me and Bored To Death.  If you've never heard of Hutchinson, I'd recommend checking out his album Moving Up Living Down (which is excellent) first and then check out the rest. 


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