Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Music Review: Tales from the Porn - H.M.M.V

The new band, Tales from the Porn, is an interesting story.  The band started in Brazil where a bunch of mostly 20-somethings started a band based on their favorite rock genre, 80's sleaze rock.  The band started writing music for an album, but they realized they were missing the type of lead singer they needed.  Through a friend of friend, they were able to get in contact with Stevie Rachelle, who was the lead singer of TUFF back in the day, for help.  Soon a friendship began, Stevie joined the band as the lead singer and he added his touch to some of the songs the band had written.  The end result is H.M.M.V which is pure sleaze rock magic.

The album immediately announces its roots with the excellent Back to the 80's which lets listeners know exactly what this band is about.  Stylistically, this band will remind you of early Motley Crue, RATT and LA Guns.  This album isn't overproduced at all and feels raw and dirty.  Each song has killer riffs, fun lyrics and the type of anthem choruses that will stay in your head long after you stopped listening to it.  Songs I'm really digging include Back to the 80's, Hot Girls Fast Cars and the super badass Tales to the Porn.  There isn't a bad track on this album.  In fact, my least favorite song is their cover of Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone and even that is good.  

What was most surprising for me to find out after listening to this album is that band members from Brazil and Rachelle have never actually met in person.  This means the band recorded the album in Brazil while Stevie did the vocals in Los Angeles.  Despite recording the album miles apart, the album sounds unified and flows really well.  If you dig sleaze rock, this album is for you.